01. Products

Products that cater to your investment goals

02. Our Formula

Making your investments work as hard as you

We employ technology to enhance the potential of your investments. Our software analyses the market undertones and implements the most appropriate investment strategy to boost your portfolio’s performance.


Connecting the dots, by analysing your wealth and future goals


Crafting a curated financial plan based on your life goals


Rule-based selection of financial instruments

02. Features

Tools that keep you a step ahead of the rest

Dedicated team of researchers continuously develop and improve investments strategies that mitigates risks to optimize returns

Unbiased recommendations

Empowered by cutting-edge technology and guided by our financial experts

Regular asset rebalancing

Disciplined rebalancing helps reduce volatility and improve returns

Risk Management

We actively manage your downside risk during volatile market conditions using quantitative techniques.


Your investments with Zeva Astras do not have a lock-in. You can choose to redeem your funds anytime.

New opportunity identification

Including tactical and strategic capital allocation

Anything that right for you

From tax loss harvesting to post retirement planning, we’ve got your back

04. Tech driven

Tech-driven strategies that combat risks and help reap healthy returns

Our innovation integrates AI with conventional investment approaches to formulate customized strategies for you. With automated planning and investing we intend to offer you a healthy investment ecosystem.

Advanced Technology

Enabling what's not humanly possible


Financial Expertise

That is unbiased yet comprehensive


Unparalleled Outcomes

Get the most out of your money

05. Awards and Accolades

Excellence in Wealth Management, Times Business Awards 2020

Young Entrepreneur, Wealth Management ET Power Icons 2020

Awarded to Mr Deepak Srinivas

Yesterday was a good time to invest,
the best time is now

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